We are looking for ambitious, business-minded individuals to join our highly successful team of professionals. 

The Benefits of Joining our Team.

The John Barry Real Estate Team knows the real estate industry very well. With over 32 years experience in the industry, we have seen and heard it all that is why we are creating our real estate team differently.

Over the past 3 months, we have taken a hard look at who we are and why we do it. It has led us on a journey to properly brand ourselves with visuals, marketing and messages that truly mean something to us with the hope it resonates with you as well.

We are growing and want to bring new team members aboard that believe in what we are building.


Why join the John Barry Real Estate Team

Everything we do is to support our agents so that they can continue to provide a great life for themselves and their families.


How we do this is:

By communicating. We pride ourselves on being completely honest with your progress in our team. Telling the truth is a value we will never compromise.

By becoming your champion. We will take care of any issues that arise with clients, lawyers and other agents. We are there to fight for you. Alleviating the stress where we can so you can continue to champion your clients. 

By educating and mentoring. We know the industry has its ups and downs. We will give you the tools, knowledge and guidance to make you a high performing agent. Whether it is 1-on-1 meetings, information sessions, continued education or simply emotional support. We are there for you.

Does this resonate with you?



Leads daily. We have very effective lead generation tools that generate leads "scrubbed" by our lead coordinators. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work, you can be very successful from the leads generated.

Exclusive lead generation and marketing system proven to deliver unmatched results. We pride ourselves in the technology and marketing we implement.

Minimal marketing and listing expenses. The less you have to worry about, the more time you have to generate business and increase your commissions.

Professional coaching and much more. We have one of the top Real Estate Brokers in the Quinte Area. He has a wealth of knowledge and success to back up his words. His support team is also made up of industry experts who can give you the help you need to become a high performing agent.

We pay for the advertising, the support staff and the latest technology. Being on our team means you have leadership who is willing to be cutting edge and an industry leader. Willing to try new technology and marketing strategies to maximize leads and your success.




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Contact  John Barry at 613-967-9323

The Opportunity:

The professionals on our team are currently earning over 6 figures a year, with the sky as the limit to what they can achieve. They have been able to attain a higher quality of life through on optimal balance of career independence and administrative support.

The Company:

John Barry, Broker owner of RE/MAX Quinte John Barry Realty Ltd is not only a leading real estate team in the Quinte Area, but also one of the Top Real Estate Teams in CANADA.

The Market We Work in:

Trenton, Belleville, Brighton, Prince Edward County, Frankford, Stirling, Madoc, Marmora & Tweed. The whole Quinte Area.

The Requirements:

You are bright, ambitious and hard working. You are serious about a full time career, and have the commitment and self-discipline to benefit from this unique opportunity.

Give us a call to set up an interview.

Contact  John Barry at 613-967-9323